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We are committed to making a difference in our community. Through our ‘Empowering Charities’ initiative, we are proud to offer specialized digital support at discounted rates to nonprofit organizations.

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Case Study

Arts Therapies for Children

ATFC was founded as a registered charity in 2016 by Tim Anders, who had previously offered art therapy in primary schools with great success. The charity was established to provide emotional support to children in today’s world, where mental health issues are increasingly prevalent. Since then, ATFC has grown significantly, starting with 30 children in 9 primary schools across London and now providing therapy to 170 children a week in 32 primary schools.

To support ATFC’s mission, we worked closely with the charity to create a user-friendly website that accurately reflects their brand and mission. We incorporated engaging visuals and interactive elements to enhance the user experience, and created a beautiful design that perfectly captures the essence of the charity.

Through our innovative website redesign and strategic digital solutions, the charity witnessed an astounding 30% increase in funds raised, empowering them to make an even greater impact on the causes they champion. Visit Website
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