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Digital marketing

In order for your business to stand out among the many competing businesses in the same market, you need a focused marketing strategy that will help your business climb to the top, and that is tailored to the budget you have defined.

So where do you start?

Setting goals
for your business


In our first meeting, we will get to know your business and learn how it has been marketed up until now, because from tomorrow it will look different.


Together we will understand what type of marketing it needs, define initial goals, and build a tailored work plan that precisely fits your needs, all while making responsible decision-making process.


During the meeting, we will introduce you to the variety of marketing services we offer to all our clients. It is important to note that every business requires a responsible marketing strategy, which means that not every marketing tool is suitable for you. Together we will understand which services can fit your business.



Organic website promotion (SEO)

Do you have a website that sells products? Strategic funneling is exactly what you need. It’s a long-term strategy that brings exposure to the most relevant target audience for your business.


Google Advertising – Google Ads Campaign

Advertising on Google will give you an effective and targeted advertising funnel for the audience we define. You can combine it with organic promotion – a perfect combination that will create a broad brand exposure.


Management and promotion of business pages on Facebook and Instagram

Managing a well-branded business page on Facebook and Instagram will require a plan that includes several components. Organic promotion, post writing, designing eye-catching images with focused messages, editing videos, using trendy hashtags, and managing funded campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. By doing so, business pages will receive a wider exposure, and interaction with potential customers will be generated.

Advertising budget


Depending on the type of business, we can advertise on Google and Facebook and test which channels provide us with good results as a starting point. We may even decide that advertising on both platforms over time is the best approach. There is also another alternative – your business may require us to focus on only one of the two platforms – either Google or Facebook.


In the world of digital marketing, the key is to always stay up to date, adapt, and change campaigns and budgets according to audience interactions.

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